No Young and Old site would be complete without some dirty old teachers fucking hot teen students.  Hell if you can’t do that why the hell become a teacher in the first place.  The pay sucks,  you have to deal with a bunch of adolescent assholes.  At least you can fuck hot young girls!

Unfortunately society looks poorly upon this type of thing.  Why I have no idea.  Fucking students have been going on for thousands of years.  Why must we share our wisdom yet the girls don’t share their bodies.  It just doesn’t seem fair!

If the little sluts are willing and able why can’t a teacher teach them how to fuck.  Hey they were only doing their job!

From Tricky Old Teacher

IMG_4562 IMG_4612 IMG_4630 IMG_4673 IMG_4700 IMG_4714 IMG_4728 IMG_4755

Tricky Old Teacher

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