You know one thing that really bothers me is when a male teacher fucks some 16 or 17 year old student he gets put away for 20 years in a PMA prison with a roommate named bubba.  Yet when some slut does the same thing with a bunch of horny 16 or 17 year old males she gets detention. 

Hell one teacher is being prosecuted for fucking an 18 year old student that wasn’t even in his class.  Its like all the job perks of being a teacher have been taken away. 

It used to be half of the male teachers took a shitty job like that to find a hot young wife.  I mean hey,  that’s a excellent way of thinking,  grab them before they are on the market. 

Well thankfully in Young old Porn we don’t have those sorts of problems.  Here is a hot teen redhead getting seduced and pounded by her horny old teacher. 

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One of the things that sucks about getting old is that things change from what one is used to and things that were quite enjoyable back in the day are now somehow forbidden. 

Take young interns.  Back in my day you could fuck the young sluts by the dozen.  They were all looking to get hooked up with a older executive so they would be well cared for.  They got you coffee, they did as they were told and you got to fuck them during lunch.  It was Young Old Porn Heaven!

Now you have something called HR who tends to frown upon fucking hot young interns.  I mean what the hell are they there for anyway?  They seem to think fetching things for us is beneath them when we simply hired them so we could admire their ass. 

Well its good to see some of the older executives are still pounding the college interns.  Like this skinny teen slut who gets an old man’s cock shoved in her teen twat.

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I think it should be mandatory for girls before they graduate to work in a massage parlor for at least a year.  After all we are spending all this money educating these young sluts when all they do is go off and get married.  We might as well get something out of it. 

Of course they could make a little extra money giving happy endings or even alot more making happier endings and fucking old men for a year would teach them quite well how to fuck their younger counterparts when they finish their stint in pleasing us. 

The only caveat I would give this idea is that the parlors must offer senior citizen discounts and be equipped with Defibrillators  when one of us old guys literally dies and goes to heaven while fucking their sweet teen pussies. 

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The problem with young sluts is that they really don’t know that they want to be fucked by a older gentlemen.  They see all of these younger more virile guys on television and lust after them but the fact remains that us old guys have two things that their male peers generally don’t have.  We have money,  and we know how to fuck those silly. 

So sometimes it takes a bit of persuasion to get a young teen in bed.  You can indeed see the look on her face when she realized this old guy is going to fuck her.  But with gentle cajoling he pulls her clothes off and after he gets his dick stuck in her she realizes everything that she has been missing.  Sometimes indeed no means yes my friends. 

Of course her boyfriend won’t be too thrilled about an old dick in his teen’s pussy.  But who cares.  After she feels the wonder what we can do to her she will never go back. 

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Its funny how things come full circle.  When I was young I loved to play doctor with the girls on the street (much to the horror of their parents).  Now that I am old I love to play it again.  Though with a little bit older girl! 

Of course any game of doctor should explore all the nooks and crannies that these hot young teens have yet to explore on their bodies.  Since us old guys have so much experience exploring them we are of course the perfect guys to do it. 

The great thing about this is that a trip to my services doesn’t cost them a dime and they don’t even need insurance.  By the time they leave they will have paid in full by letting me fuck their young pussy and taking a huge load on their sweet young faces

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One of the nice things about getting old is that people always want to help you do things.  All the better they tend to be hot young girls who could really use a good hard fuck by an old man.  I of course encourage this!

Now this guy by the name of Roland has let himself get out of shape and indeed cannot haul his fat ass up a ladder to pick his fruit.  Thankfully we have a petite brunette that will gladly do it for him.  Watching her on that ladder gives him a great view of that tight teen ass of hers. 

I guess he must have given her some fruit since Katja gladly sucks his old cock he picks her fruit with his big old cock sending the young teen into moans of pleasure

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Young Girls have been known to act up at school.  Of course that deserves a punishment.  but what type.  Well a spanking does indeed sound proper but sadly most places look down upon that.  The preferred way of punishing them is after school detention. 

But what good is a girl sitting around bored.  She should be learning something or at least doing something to her rather old and horny teacher to get out of detention early. 

What better exercise than to teach the hot young slut about getting fucked?  I think it benefits all parties involved.  The girl learns what its like to be bent over and fucked properly and the old teacher gets to blow his load all over a hot young teen. 

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The best job an old guy can have to nail young girls is a trucker.  After all those girls out there hitchhiking shouldn’t expect a free ride!  In exchange for a lift they are the ones that are going to get ridden.  Why indeed do you think all those trucks have those sleeper cabs. 

Of course you have the girls at the truck stops selling themselves as well. But hey how is an old dude supposed to get laid by a hot young slut! 

Now typically one would find a nice secluded spot to fuck the hitchhiker.  I am not sure this slut even got her ride after she gets fucked by the side of the road!

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I was reading the other day about the epidemic of young men “failing to launch”.   The lazy bastards,  I had a job when I was 8!  In any case they also seem to be frustrating the young ladies since they tend to want to get married after a while. 

This is not an epidemic its pennies from heaven!  More young chicks to be fucked by us old men.  After all we have jobs,  we have money, we have nice cars.  Everything a young girl could want and they have something we of course want.  Hot young pussy. 

Since all the young sluts will get sick of getting fucked by their young losers its only a matter of time where they figure why not try a sugar daddy and get something out of getting their brains fucked out.  I am sure there are plenty of us older men that will be happy to oblige.

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Lets face it, young girls are somewhat reluctant to fuck us old guys.  But it is good for them,  kind of like making a kid eat his broccoli.  Thus much like the kid,  these girls need to be enticed with something.  Usually its money either directly or indirectly since all women have dollar signs in their eyes.

I personally think they are being rather selfish.  Look at this little slut for example.  Its obvious she doesn’t want this old guy’s dick in her.  But these girls have what we need and after the initial shock of being fucked by a guy twice her age she seems to enjoy it.  This is because we old guys know how to press each and ever button with our vast knowledge of fucking.

Besides why should the little slut care,  old guy’s cum tastes exactly like young guy’s cum and they should be thankful since generally we have less of it to blow our load all over their nice young face.

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